Micah Baldwin

Leadership Coach and Angel Investor

In my more than 20 years in the tech community, from starting my first business when I was a kid, to founding or being early at six companies (4 exits) that raised more than $350 million, mentoring hundreds of founders, to time at Amazon and as an investor, one thing has rung true.

I could not do it myself nor did I have all the answers. At each stop, someone coached me to success.

I trained to be a coach to make my ability to support leaders and founders more effectively across the entire spectrum of coaching -- operationally to individually.

Getting the chance to work with leaders and add real value is my life's purpose, and I am excited about the potential to serve your career and mission.

Micah Baldwin

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How I Work

Time. It is the scarcest resource a leader has. My practice is focused on optimizing results to reduce time commitment.

To get there, I come with many hats developed over decades of dedication (coach, founder, investor, mentor, etc) and look to wear the appropriate one at the appropriate time. I will meet you where I am needed to achieve the results you need to uplevel your leadership.

Why Me?
I have a unique set of experiences. I have built big businesses, and I have failed. I have had personal struggles with sobriety and mental health, and I have figured out how to follow a path of recovery and happiness. I know business, but I really understand people.

I am someone whose parts and life experiences have made for an interesting set of filters to help you.

How it Works?
Our first meeting is always free and a chance for both of us to explore the partnership. If we decide to move forward, while flexible, we will meet a few times a month for ~60 minutes. I will often send you a prep email with a few focused questions, and will always follow up with thoughts and next steps. While our meetings will be scheduled, I am available to you over the course of our partnership via text, email, etc.

How Do You Charge?
As a monthly retainer so we aren't counting minutes. I ask only for an energic three month commitment.

Who I Serve

There are a few things I look for in a potential coaching partner that are indicators of success: Leadership, Motivation, Coachability.

My ideal partner is a senior leader at an early stage startup (usually a founder or CEO) that has at least 4 FTEs, or a Partner at a venture fund who is looking to improve value to the founders they work.

Additionally, leaders who manage teams and are looking to improve the output of their teams by optimizing their management strategies often find coaching valuable.

Motivation usually demonstrates itself through the desire of the leader to be better. A better leader, a better manager, and a better person.

Motivations are sometimes more tangible: working towards a milestone or life event is a great example.

Frankly, coaching isn't always simple, easy, or comfortable. Sometimes a leader has to be willing to "sit in it" to grow. If you are unwilling to have the hard conversations, coaching will not be beneficial to your growth.

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I look forward to exploring if my coaching is right for you. Please send me a note and we can quickly get something scheduled!

Thank you

For sending me a note. I will respond quickly. For information on my coaching or our philosophy at High Output, please click here and review our site.